the Mall Madness demo

by Homosuperior

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released September 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Homosuperior Washington, D.C.

josh - vox
kc - bass
anderson - guitar
kit - drums

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Track Name: I H8 BUZ
i don't wanna drink but i don't wanna feel
i don't wanna think my reputation is real
i don't wanna cry but i can't fucking breathe
i don't wanna die while i'm down on my knees
she's no fun, she's no fun
drown it all; bite the gun
she's no fun, she's no fun
never be number one
so much inside we could bring into light
we're drowning ourselves existing only at night
i don't wanna drink but i don't wanna feel
sleep it off now cuz i can't fucking deal
Track Name: YMM
so much youth
so much money
so much marijuana

are you young?
are you rich?
are you high?

...i'm high
Track Name: Hearts
adamant affection, oppressive obsession
progress, passion, internal reactions
a drowning mind
the look sublime
we're out of time
this hell is mine
adamant obsession, oppressive affection
policing beliefs and dead between the sheets
a drowning mind
this haze sublime
you're out of time
this body's mine
we won't see, we can't believe
clinging to some purity
we won't fuck, it's so fucked up
we're equal in hypocrisy
Track Name: Rail Mary
in my ass and on my face
christian cocks, a master race
swallow every ounce of light
never make it through the night
feeling so proverbial, with my face against the wall
bathroom fuck, a secret tryst
you'll never get away with this
so mighty, so high, your whole life's a lie
Track Name: mall madness
suncoast tapes
arcade games
circus mag
mallcop drag
mall goth fag
compact discs
teenage dicks
sbarro slice
cool black lights
claire's boutique
trucker speed
jnco jeans
pantera tee
spirit of halloween
dollar store
pauly shore
bible belt
tuna melt
pink hair dye
i kissed a guy
clearance sale
nine inch nails